It happened. I did it. I bought a house!

I really wanted an older home with character and at the same time one that didn’t need one a lot of work to restore. I made an offer on this 1920s craftsman as soon as I laid eyes on it. I feel so grateful!

By the time this post gets published, I’ve already moved in (day 3) and am probably going through boxes like a crazy person. I would say I donated/sold/gave away over half of my possessions to prepare for this move. It felt SO good to start fresh and root.

front view of a cliff house from the 1920s

I will be sharing house updates every now and then if you want to follow along here. And now, here are 10 things I’m up to this week!

1. I bought this shower curtain from a company based in Brooklyn. It was so hard to choose a color because they are all together so well.

2. These are shower curtain rings I chose. Nice and simple.

3. Iced coffeebut make it creepy.

4. You may have noticed that we launched a new website design. It was a labor of love and it turned out so well.

5. I can’t wait to hang these pumpkin lanterns on my porch.

6. Speaking of pumpkins, I wrote a post15 Pumpkin Desserts to Make This Fall if you fancy something sweet.

7. Once I save up to remodel my kitchen, I will use yellow and green colors and add this wallpaper.

8. A sweet one ceramic ice cream cone to add to my collection. These were does not fun to pack, FYI. Haha.

9. This gold spray paint is hands down the best there is. I used it on my dining room chandelier and the difference is amazing!

10. It’s almost time to set this doormat on my porch.

PS Here is last week’s 10 things Sunday in case you missed it! xo, Jackie

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