It’s that time of year when I can pull out my jackets and start layering and I’m HERE FOR IT!

1. Treated myself to some new skin care products recently. I bought this set and have loved pretty much all the products so far.

2. Recently repurchased my favorite perfume scent which a roll on oil instead, and I’ve liked it. It feels like the scent lasts longer and I kind of like the control of rolling on the scent as opposed to spraying, although I do like perfume bottles.

3. I am reading at the moment this book (it is part of our autumn book club), and it’s perfect for this season!

4. Bought this one Halloween themed tea set. No regrets.

5. My favorite moisturizerespecially when my skin is extra dry.

6. It’s candle season!!!! Here are a few of our all-time favorites: baked bread, pumpkin pieand leaves.

7. I bought this travel backpack some time ago, but I’m adding it here again because I LOVE it. It’s so useful and the design is amazing (including the gold hardware). I bought the black one, but it also comes in pink.

8. My latest jumpsuit purchase. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

9. I carry this ring from Etsy every day. Mine has my son’s name on it, but I also think it would be really cute to have a pet name or a loved one who has passed on. Or heck – even your astrological sign name. It’s a cute ring, okay.

10. This future ghost shirt!

If you need something to bake this weekend, try these easy apple pie bars. So good! xo. Emma

PS Here is last week’s 10 things Sunday in case you missed it!

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