We took our first vacation to the beach with a toddler last week and it was so fun and refreshing! I’d say relaxing, but I can’t confirm that traveling with a toddler is the definition of relaxing, ha!

Our son did well though and loved sitting in the beach chair and eating snacks – but wasn’t sold on the sand. I’d say he has his priorities right. 🙂

As much fun as visiting the beach was, I came home and immediately changed all my decor to fall and it makes me feel so happy and cozy! Here’s what I’m loving this week!

1. This vegetable choppers was an amazon find and oh my god it’s amazing! It also had 70,000 positive reviews and a small storage container.

2. Extraction of autumnal and spooky decorations. I just ordered a garland from this one Etsy shop (@simply.piper.rae) and drew this one pumpkin a out of my storage bag. Elsie’s stock item is still my inspiration and goal for holiday decorations!

3. I bought this cute little vase to my bookcase. That Hearth and hand collection this fall is super sweet! The little Charlie Brown mug is from Home Goods and was a $5 find!

4. I did s’mores dip, and it’s a fun and easy treat! However, if you’re more in the mood for a classic s’mores (and the answer to s’mores is always), Emma gathered all the tips for make them in the oven, deep fryer or microwave.

5. I reread Mitford series. it’s like a cozy blanket and super comforting every time I read the series.

6. This fleece blanket tutorial gave me so much nostalgia! My friends and I used to make these for each other for Christmas presents.

7. This little one waffle maker is super cute. I like to pull out the mini waffle maker each season for a fun weekend breakfast. If you’re craving pancakes but don’t have milk, try Emma’s Homemade pancakes (without milk) recipe.

8. I just watched the trailer for Glass onionthat Knives out sequel, and can’t wait for it to come out!

9. Smart Sweets came out with one caramel candy-I saw a bag at Target and tried them on. They are really good!

10. Deciding if I want to order these sneakers or if they get dirty too quickly.

PS Here is last week’s 10 things Sunday in case you missed it!

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