10 things I love about Sunday

It’s super hot here in Tennessee, so I’m thinking about it whiskey ginger at the pool.

It’s full summer, but Anthropology sneaked me some fall stuff in and I’m not (not) into it. Love this acorn mug,, pumpkin mugand acorn serving spoons. I can (and do!) Shop for fall and holiday items all year round. Sparks mega joy.

2. I have ordered digital art from Etsy and print at home to complete our secret library.

3. I had to replace one of the beds on pink house (long story) and I ended up choosing this bed. So excited!

4. These are my perfect (and most worn) shirts. I have several of them over the years and they are always a classic.

5. I found these perfect baseball caps for kids on Etsy. You customize the color and initial. My girls love them. They are not big fans of hats, so it’s nice to finally find some they agree to wear!

6. My kids love this book: Vampire vacation.

7. To my other Dolly Parton fans.

8. Emma’s post inspired me to give The cured closet once again. I did it a few years ago, but style and lifestyle are constantly changing.

9. Completely obsessed with these sneakers and I like too These. Which do you prefer?

10. Looking at my recent Amazon purchases and here are a few highlights: these frayed platesI LOVED this bookand I read The worst witch to Nova (one chapter per night) and it’s adorable.

xx- Elsie

PS Here is a link to last week’s 10 things Sunday if you missed it!

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