It’s a trick! A podiatrist says these shoes are bad for your feet

We are all beyond the idea that beauty equals pain. Right? As a result, when it comes to fashion — specifically footwear — the style pendulum continues to swing shoes that are stylish and comfortable. You have probably noticed or are currently participating in this change yourself, and are embracing the pain-free life as well flat sandals and forward sneakers.

But there is a catch when it comes to the latter specifically. While in theory it’s brilliant to hop around in cool sneakers as opposed to stilettos, there is one apparently comfortable and trendy sneaker silhouette that can be the worst for your feet, causing long-term painful effects. And we went straight to the expert…Gotham Foot Care founder Miguel Cunha — to weigh in further.

When talking about footwear styles that should actually be avoided, he called out sock sneakers. “Although they may feel comfortable nestling on the top of your foot, they are not advisable shoes because they do not provide any support to the top and outside of your foot, which can easily lead to an ankle sprain,” he explained. Poof.

But hope is not lost – there are still plenty of other sneaker styles out there that offer more stability and support. On that note, we’re showing some visual inspiration and a number of those choices below. And if you’re still all about sock sneakers and want to risk it, just be very, very careful.

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