What it was like designing the costumes for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is finally out now for all to see, and it’s just as incredible as the first. The running time is two hours and 41 minutes, and the cast is massive. How do you start a project of this scale? How long did the whole process take for your department?

Looking at the end result of that feels like the enormity of this project. Going into it is huge. We lost our hero and many of us tumbled into our art form. We all wanted to honor Chadwick [Boseman]’s life and also presents an incredibly elevated art form to the world.

When you think about the inspiration, the passion, the purpose, the intention, it doesn’t feel huge anymore. You start breaking it down and saying, “Who do I want to include in this journey? Who gets the aesthetic? What outsourcing can I use?”

Everything starts with a huge number of artists who come together with drawings. We sit together and we talk about history. All these artists come together with illustrations.

We evaluate and talk about what we like, talk about what doesn’t work, talk about history. After we lost our dear Chadwick, a sort of Ryan Coogler became our hero. We needed him and Joe Robert Cole to bring us a script.

One thing he was very clear about was honoring Chadwick and that would explore grief in many forms.

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