Kendall Jenner’s colorist on how he turned her into a redhead

We all use different words for different things. What language would you like people to use to describe it?
It’s so funny because sometimes I get asked to name a color. I’m just sitting there thinking, “What do I call this?” I say, “I can’t think of a name for it.”

When it comes to language, I have a hard time with it myself, because it’s all perception. It depends on how you perceive color.

Sometimes people refer to a photo and the reflection in the photo that they think is a certain hair color, but it actually isn’t – it’s the light reflection that they see is lighter or brighter.

I don’t necessarily have a specific language to give someone to say, “Oh, yeah, go in and say you want this.”

I always say walk away from a picture. Bring one picture – not five – or it will get really confusing. For the person doing the work, we also need to be able to visualize it.

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