How to get your hands on ‘Spare’, Prince Harry’s already divisive new memoir

In retrospect, it seems impossible to believe that it’s been less than five years since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got hitched holy matrimony, a sudden spark reinstalled in the dangling crown of the royal family. So much has happened since then! So much ink has been wasted! Like any great adventure, there has been betrayal, bombast, even banishment (or, er, “resign” from royal duties)! And yet, even years into the drama, the world remains engrossed in the two lovers’ tale, largely because that tale seems unfinished—no matter how many interviewsessays and Netflix documentaries decreased. Power Spare parts, Prince Harry’s new memoir, finally fill in the missing chapters for us? Perhaps the story has finally reached its climax?

already Spare parts-so named after the infamous “heir and reserve” truism regarding Prince William and Prince Harry in the line of succession – is climbing bestseller lists and generating hair-raising headlines. Only time will tell if the actual book is worth all the hype, but one thing is for sure: Spare parts will be one of the most discussed books of the year, about one of the most debated matters in recent history. The royal family has never seen a marriage like that between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, nor since Princess Diana’s notorious Panorama interview has it faced a bill quite this public.

Random House, Spare parts‘s publisher, will have made sure that plenty of copies are ready and waiting to sail into the homes of hungry readers, but it would nevertheless be a smart choice to pre-order the memoir if you want to be among the earliest known . Many larger booksellers, e.g, Amazon, Barnes & Nobleand your local indie, is accepting pre-orders now. Alternatively, you can always grab an audiobook copy; you can even listen to Spare parts without spending a penny if you start one free trial on Audible. The book will be officially published in January. 10, and with 416 pages to get through, you better start resting those eyes (or ears) for a quick read.

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