The worst things to wear to an airport, according to a TSA agent

We are always looking to further refine our ensembles for any destination, be it a outfit for the airport or what to wear to the office. And while we’ve traveled enough to have a general idea of ​​what works and what doesn’t at the airport—those lace-up sandals were great until we held up an impatient line of people trying to take them off— we figured there’s still a thing or two we can learn from a true expert. Enter Kimberly Pruitt, a former TSA agent who spent more than five years working as a security officer at Los Angeles International Airport. We sat down with Pruitt to learn the surprising things that always seem to cause a problem when going through security. After reading Pruitt’s tips, we guarantee you’ll rethink your next airport look… After all, nobody wants to be the one holding up the security line, right?

Scroll down to see what not to wear to the airport to make your next travel experience that much smoother.

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