The final episode of ‘Wednesday’ sets up potential mysteries for another season

Beware, massive spoilers for Season 1 of Netflix’s Wednesday ahead.

Netflix has just dropped all eight episodes of the first season Wednesday, a Tim Burton-directed series based on Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) from The Addams Family. The crazy and creepy Addams Family universe is rich and long-standing, but the new show has expanded it into a world of “outcasts,” or people with supernatural connections and powers. They contrast with the “normies” or ordinary people who populate the town close to Wednesday’s boarding school, Nevermore Academy.

This season covers Wednesday’s first year in Nevermore and a series of mysterious murders in the area. In the final episode, her investigation has come to some harsh conclusions.

It begins with Wednesday, when the town confronts the town and the alleged normie, Tyler Galphin (Hunter Doohan). Throughout the season, the young pigtailed goth has experienced visions that show her glimpses of a person’s future and all their dark secrets. When she and Tyler kissed in the previous episode, she saw that he was a “Hyde”, a type of villain that seems to be based on the idea of ​​Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a scientist who was both a man and a monster.

After discovering that her love interest is likely the local murderer, Wednesday enlists her friends to kidnap and torture him, but they reject the idea. After Wednesday’s plans are ruined and she is banished from Nevermore, Tyler gives her a speech about his evil schemes. But he isn’t actually the mastermind behind the murders. The question remains: Who controls Tyler?

Wednesday visits her bug-loving friend Eugene, who is in the hospital after an attack. He reveals that he saw someone wearing red boots during his assault, which connects the dots for Wednesday: The culprit is Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci). The whole season has Ms. Thornhill has made a point of being friendly up until Wednesday, but it was all a ruse. Her real name is Laurel Gates, and she has been plotting her revenge against the Addams family for years.

When Wednesday confronts Thornhill, she learns that the plant-loving teacher has used her herbal concoctions to reveal Tyler’s Hyde-self to him, after telling him of his own mother’s fate as Hyde. Then Tyler shows up again and Thornhill says he’ll “do anything for her.”

Except it’s not Tyler.

Throughout the series, Wednesday has butted heads with Principal Weens (Gwendoline Christie), who cares deeply for Nevermore’s reputation and the safety of her outcast students. She is also a shapeshifter. The fake Tyler transforms into Weems, but before the principal can do more, she is stung with nightshade venom and dies right in front of Wednesday’s eyes. The teenager is then patted on the head with a shovel.

Thornhill’s plan goes far beyond plaguing Wednesday. She wants to resurrect Joseph Crackstone, whose coffin was cursed by Wednesday’s magical ancestor Goody Addams. Crackstone was a firebrand who hated and feared the outcasts and planned to kill them all. Thornhill is all for this, of course, and she uses Wednesday’s blood to open his grave and release him back into the world.

As Wednesday bleeds out, Thornhill enacts his grand plan, and a worn-out Crackstone emerges and begins wreaking havoc on Nevermore. Before it’s too late, Goody Addams’ spirit appears and heals her descendant before sending her off to return Crackstone to his grave.

Wednesday is once again confronted with Tyler’s Hyde side in the woods, but her roommate Enid (Emma Myers) finally manages to “wolf out,” turning into a werewolf protector for her boyfriend. Wednesday escapes and manages to stab Crackstone’s resurrected form in the heart with a shard from a special sword, killing him.

Thornhill also gets her performance and is swarmed by Eugene’s bees. It’s not entirely clear if she dies, but Wednesday definitely gives her a big kick in the head, knocking her out of the scene. Wednesday then reunites with the rest of her friends, Bianca (Joy Sunday), Xavier (Percy Hynes White) and Enid – who she finally embraces after rejecting hugs all season.

The story ends with Wednesday finishing his novel on his typewriter with the phrase “THE END?” and received a phone as a gift from Xavier, competing against Tyler for her affections. (She’s a bit of a Luddite.)

Driving away from Nevermore with Lurch and Thing, Wednesday receives several threatening text messages from an anonymous number on her new phone. Wednesday is very happy to have her first stalker, and fans might be too – suggesting there’s another mystery for her to return to in a potential season 2.

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