I asked 12 beauties what they smelled like on their wedding day

As a self-proclaimed smell personally, I’m always fascinated by the fragrances people choose to wear. For example, what makes the ideal scent for a job interview? First-date scent? Perhaps my most burning question when it comes to fragrances is the most personal – what is the perfect one wedding– day scent?

Of course, every bride is different. Some brides choose a scent based on nostalgia (whether their mother wore it or it reminds them of something), some brides choose a scent that they wear every day, and some brides choose a light scent that enhances their natural scent. No matter what, a wedding fragrance should feel like an encapsulation of who the bride is, which can be easier said than done.

I decided to ask 12 people who work in the beauty industry what fragrance they wore on their wedding day and why they decided to wear it. Keep reading to learn about the perfumes they chose to wear on their wedding day.

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