Serena Williams won’t let retirement stop her from wearing great watches

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Serena Williams rightfully goes down as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. But consider one of her other accomplishments: Perhaps no one wore a cooler selection of watches on the court than Williams. Sure, Roger Federer, who retired just a few days after Serena this week, always wore a nice Rolex to the championship ceremony, and Rafael Nadal rotates between several high-tech Richard Mille collaboration watches during play. But Williams stood out for wearing her luxury watches — typically saved by most athletes for the red carpet or late-night talk show — as she laid down the smackdown on the court. She was perhaps best known for her specially designed Royal Oak Offshore, with the twisted crown offset to the left so it wouldn’t affect her swing by digging into her hand, but she also wore the brand’s funky Millenary. During her last hurray at the US Open, she wore a pearl-set Royal Oak.

Now that days have passed behind her, she is still churning out some excellent watches. This week, on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Williams wore a new version of Audemars Piguet’s beloved Royal Oak. Hers is a special edition published for RO’s 50th anniversary this year. AP went all out for the occasion and released a huge array of watches in beautiful colors like hunter green, smoked gold, and Williams’ baby blue. The model celebrates the big 5-0, and lots of celebrities show up for the birthday party. In addition to Williams, we have seen John Mayer, Daniel Kaluuya, Chris Hemsworth, LeBron James, and Ben Simmons in pieces from the collection. The mark of the collection’s success is that none of these people wear the same watch – it’s like a great album where everyone has a different favorite song. It’s hard to argue with Williams’ choices, though: white gold and icy blue dials are the peanut butter and jelly of watches.

Tim Clayton – Corbis/Getty Images

Carlos Alcaraz’s Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex’s Daytona is named after the race track in Florida, and the watch is given to the winner of the 24-hour race that takes place there. Somehow, even that marathon seems less grueling than the work Alcaraz put in during his US Open-winning run. If Alcaraz is really the new thing The king of tennis, he could not have chosen a better watch than the Daytona, which is probably the most popular and sought-after ticker on earth. And with the news that Federer, another big fan of this guard over his playing career, is retiring, this feels like a spiritual transition of Daytona from one great to the next.


Diode SA – Denis Hayoun

Ben Simmons’s Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Told you these 50th anniversary Royal Oaks are everywhere. Simmons is different from Williams’ view of the model in every way. His version trades Williams’ silent flex for the equivalent of one of Simmons’ signature steam-blowing-out-of-nostrils emojis. The watch has a gold case, forest green dial and a chronograph function (stopwatch). What really takes this piece to the next level is the green alligator strap.

Evans Vestal Ward/NBC/Getty Images

Andrew Garfield’s Omega De Ville Trésor

This is quite the look from Andrew Garfield. He went all white with the suit and enhanced the color of the watch. The piece is red on red on red. The case is made of Omega’s specially designed rose gold, which it calls Sedna. And because that wasn’t enough, the watch also features a late summer tomato red dial and even a leather strap that seems to share the reddish hue.

Michelle Quance/Getty Images

Zac Efron’s IWC Portugieser

Oscar buzz for Zac Efron? Every day is filled with beautiful and exciting new possibilities. This applies even to more than 80-year-old watches such as Portugieser, which are constantly testing new looks. This version of the watch, released in 2018, is downright freaky for the typically staid model. Efrons wears gold numbers and hands, and I appreciate the subtle red flash on the power reserve (the 3 o’clock gauge that indicates how long the watch will keep ticking without wind). This is the classic way to signal that you are running out of fuel.

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