John Mayer’s watch was once a well-kept secret

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Count on John Mayer to always find that obscure, scandalous watch that seems tailor-made for him. For most of the year, this salmon-disc perpetual calendar was secretly kept in Japan as an exclusive release that didn’t even US-based AP teams were familiar withaccording to Hodinkee. But late last summer, when another lot became available stateside, Mayer immediately became a customer. It was a natural fit: our officially designated WWMIC (See The World’s Most Influential Collector) already has an abiding love for mysterious hard-to-buy fashion from Japan and maintains a storage unit to hold all of his Visvim.

Even if it didn’t emerge from some hiding place in Japan, this watch would probably make Mayer giddy with desire. Mayer has really leaned on his Audemars Piguet pieces. He recently had on the new “Music Edition” Royal Oak that uses a series of sapphires to mimic the appearance of an audio equalizer on the dial. A funny choice for Mayer. But there is something watch collectors find irresistible about salmon-colored dials. The fishy shade is a favorite shade for special editions by many brands, whether you are Patek Philippe selling the most expensive wristwatch in history or Zenith in its latest link-up with Hodinkee. Get another winner for Mayer.


Simu Lius Omega Seamaster Ploprof

I think we have a first here in the Clock of the Week story. In the three-plus years I’ve been writing this column, not one celebrity has worn the incredibly funky Ploprof (a portmanteau of the French word for diver, plongeur and professional). So shoutout to Liu because this is one of my favorite watches. It’s a real design freak: Ploprof was made for divers and even got feedback on its looks from the French diving company COMEX (also from much desired Rolex dials). In a official guide intended to clarify its history, Omega writes that the watch’s dial is “undoubtedly the most distinctive feature of the watch.” Well, I hate to argue, but I’d say the most distinctive feature of the watch is the massive button sticking out of the side. Liu’s is a luxury image on Ploprof, but many of the original designs have a large red button that is safe to press– how fun is that? (Pressing the button unlocks the twisted frame, in case you were wondering). This feature brings the watch right into screwball territory and makes it a real red carpet.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Daniel Kaluuya’s Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

The most heated competition in the world right now is the one going on between Bullet train and NOTHING red carpets. What we see is a fitting battle of such massive proportions, and with such A-list talent, that it feels like the Russo brothers have to be involved in some way. Daniel Kaluuya scores a point for his team, who wore one of the extra special Royal Oaks AP pulls for the watch’s 50th anniversary.

Dave Simpson

Jack Harlow’s Rolex GMT-Master II

If there’s a watch that symbolizes the “First Class” lifestyle that Harlow raps about, it’s the GMT. The watch was built for travel: Originally designed for Pan-Am employees, its price and rarity mean that the GMT is now more associated with the people who sit in the soft seats at the front of the plane. Harlow is wearing the black and blue “Batman” version of the watch.

Sam Wasson/Getty Images

Aaron Paul’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual

That Breaking Bad The cinematic universe has swelled to epic proportions lately: the show’s spin-off Better call Saul just did a crossover episode with Bryan Cranston and Paul. Meanwhile, the couple attended a statue unveiling of their characters at the Albuquerque Convention Center last weekend. For the event, Paul wore one of the short-lived and highly coveted Oyster Perpetuals with a ruby ​​red dial. It just happens that way Paul’s former co-star owns the exact same watch.

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