I will 100% buy into the unnecessary fall accessory trend


Courtesy of Roberto Cavalli; Imaxtree/Rokh; Imaxtree/Blumarine

Fashion always walks the fine line between utilitarian and decorative. On the one hand, we all have to wear clothes (unless you are naked appearance). But on the other hand, we don’t necessarily need to “use” the IT item of the season, or we don’t have to choose all trends. But despite the lack of necessity, for many, style plays a vital role in how they express themselves, how they cultivate joy, and even how they support. communities of color. Frivolity may seem like an essential part of fashion, but honestly, what you choose to buyand how much you buy is the easiest way for you as a consumer to show your values ​​(quite literally).

So it is imperative to shop with intention and see what the trends are worth your time. And while the choice is yours, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share at least one recent trend worth keeping in mind: belts. While these accessories have always been an essential part of any wardrobe, Fall/Winter 2022 runways took them from pragmatic to idealistic and back again. It wasn’t just about wearing them to hold up a pair low-rise pants; it was about using styling to elevate this booklet.

Belts were able to tie function and fashion together in a way that no other fundamental has been able to. And to prove it, I scoured the runway to show 5 ways belts were styled this season. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on how to wear your belt in new ways or want to give your basics little extra, by the end of this story, I can guarantee that you will be fully hooked into this trend.

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