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5 Uniqlo Basics that will be your summer style fund

Open your closet and take a step back. If the questions “What should I wear?” or “Did I do it last week?” is lingering in the back of our minds, we feel you. The longing for a seasonal fashion refreshment is understandable – even if your bank account says otherwise. Fortunately, one rebuilt summer wardrobe from top to bottom is not the only solution to this style riddle; sometimes you just need one or two new plots to get a fresh look together. Allow us to point you in the direction of Uniqlo, a trusted reader-favorite retailer known for its affordable prices and reliable basics. For example, you can easily find under- $ 50 staples like breathable flare dresses, perfectly cut cotton T-Shirtsand effortless linen shorts – all available in a wide range of sizes (from XXS to XXL) and kaleidoscopic colors (black and off-white are of course a matter of course). Below you can browse five excellent Uniqlo basics that are more than worthy of your style rotation as summer outfit building blocks. (That sparkling accessories and fashionable handbags can wait.)

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