49 Under $49: Every Smart Item Worth Ordering for Winter

Fall has been great, but it’s time to start preparing winter– or at least thinking about it. If you dread it, the best way to beat the cold weather blues is to shop for some new cozy items that will make you more comfortable when it literally hurts to go outside.

I generally find winter clothes to be a bit more expensive than their summer counterparts. And you need to wear more things to stay warm. Taking this into consideration, it’s understandable to want to shop for stylish items that are also affordable. So I put together a massive shopping guide filled with dozens of winter items (49 to be exact) that cost less than $49.

I scrolled through sites like Nordstrom, H&M, Shopbop and Zara in search of the coolest, most expensive look goods that you can buy for not much money. In the massive roundup below, you’ll find lots of great basics, trend pieces and accessories. Once you’ve scrolled through, I have a feeling you’ll be ready for winter before it even arrives.

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