I love to travel when I get the chance – these 30 items always come with me

I love it trip. In 2022 I traveled more than any year before and now as we enter 2023 I plan to travel just as much, hopefully more. It’s safe to say that my 2023 vision board is filled with images of airplane windows overlooking a glamorous European city peeking through, groups of friends with passports, and lots of ideas for travel clothes. Now with traveling so much comes lots and lots of packing and unpacking, and while I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an expert packer, I have found some things that make the packing process a little easier. I’m talking packing cubes, convenience kits, and even an herbal supplement to help with jet lag. I want us all to live our best jetsetter lives, so I’ve rounded up the best travel essentials from Amazon, Shopbop, Revolve, and Nordstrom.

Keep scrolling to see what made the cut.

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