The $128 Anthropologie bag going viral on TikTok right now

Ever since TikTok took over the world –mine world – I have been obsessed with one thing and one thing only: to find viral trends early enough for me to actually buy them. Skims body-con maxi dress? Secured. Rhode’s Peptide Lip Treatment? Bought in every taste. J.Crew boxers? Used almost an alarming number of times. It has become like a game for me, a game I don’t expect to lose anytime soon.

My latest viral conquest has pretty much become a resident of my FYP at this point, having featured in almost every video that popped up this week. Yet many of the available colors and similar styles are miraculously still in stock. The item I’m talking about is Melie Bianco’s Brigitte Satchel, a $128 braided tote bag from Anthropology that many creators on the app are already calling their 2023 go-to bag. Popular for its Bottega Veneta-inspired look and practical size (according to @rabsrajait even fits an iPad Pro), the casual shoulder bag is quickly becoming a household name.

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