Theragun’s Best Massager Is $100 Off Right Now (Plus 7 More Epic Gear Deals We Like)

Is Theragun worth it? You bet it is. But now it’s worth even more — Therabody, the brand behind Theragun, is offering up to $100 off its inventory of NBA-approved massage guns. And included in the deal is Theragun Pro, the crème de la crème of the Theragun family.

Therabody’s massage guns help increase blood flow and loosen stiffness, relieving the everyday stress that plagues your bad tense muscles. Every model the brand makes is pretty awesome, but the Theragun Pro offers the most intense percussive therapy along with excellent customization. Therabody managed to create an engine that doesn’t sacrifice power for quietness, just one of the reasons we love this thing so much. Well, that and its ergonomic design, five-hour battery life, six extra accessories and the way it makes you feel like one of the inflatable plumbers from Nix.

Do the muscles already feel pleasantly jelly-like? Here are seven more deals worth checking out, from a beautiful office chair that corrects posture to a French press that elevates primo java.

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