This mineral makeup brand is a dream for my over 40, acne prone skin

The good mineral was started by two sisters from South Africa, Ego and Natasha Iwegbu. When Natasha, a product developer and cosmetic chemist, started formulating the foundation powders, Ego, a beauty entrepreneur, was initially hesitant to try it because she had very sensitive skin that broke out frequently. But Natasha actually had her sister’s skin in mind when she made the powders, making sure not to use any fillers or irritants, such as bismuth oxychloride or other fragrances, oils, preservatives or synthetic dyes.

“Acne-prone sufferers have reactive skin that can be easily irritated,” explains Ego. “It also means that we are conscious of touching our faces too much and putting things on our skin that can be a contraindication for acne. Although makeup is often necessary to provide a bit of coverage, it is perceived as and feels like it’s not good for the skin.”

According to Ego, The Good Mineral powders do not penetrate the skin, but instead act as a protective barrier. The formula contains concentrated pigments, which allows for minimal application, so you don’t need to use much to get adequate coverage. “This also contributes to the super-light feel, which is essential for acne sufferers who are sensitive to feeling the ‘weight’ or itchiness of makeup,” she says. There are also no pore-clogging ingredients. “Clogged pores are everyone’s problem, but more so for acne-prone skin as we are more susceptible to blackheads,” explains Ego. “For example, our formulations do not contain lauroyl lysine, which is found in many foundations both liquid and powder, and which is known to clog pores.”

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