Camp shirts make every day feel like a vacation

If you were to power-rank clothes of theirs DGAF-ness, the best camp jerseys would land near the top. Partly because they’ve been worn by a certain type of nonconformist poster boy for 60 years now: Hunter S. Thompson, Elvis, Russell Westbrook, Ethan Hawke in Reality bites, just to name a few. But mostly, it’s because that’s exactly how these camp shirts are designed to look. The two-layer camp collar (hence the name) is intended to lie flat and open at the neck – no ties allowed. (No wonder some people call them “holiday shirts.”) Right now versions trade a muumuu’s airiness for a boxier silhouette, delivering a shirt that’s inherently nonchalant and all kinds of cool.

At the moment we’re partial to heavily patterned camp shirts – we’ve been fighting floral prints Hawaiian shirts and bold stripe bowling shirts for a minute now. But, as you’ll see among our cream-of-the-crop picks below, designers are making them for every taste and budget. Try a saved in high water trousersbuttoned up over one T-shirt (or if you’re really into one, over nothing at all), or lap-out with your best leisure suit. Whatever you decide, just make sure try one. Here are the 27 best camp collar shirts worth wearing right away.

Don’t think too hard: This is the camp jersey you can get right now

For one GQ contributor is the quest to find the perfect camp shirt was fraught with danger. Until he stumbled across Bather’s Traveler button-up, a boxy riff on a classic Hawaiian shirt cut from an airy cotton-viscose blend. The Traveler shirt was always excellent, but last year the brand added two extra pockets to the equation, a Guayabera-esque flourish that takes the whole shebang to the next level. Its breathable construction makes it ideal for layering in warm weatherand the smart trio of pockets offer a level of functionality you never knew you were missing.

Another no-brainer summer choice

NN07 “Miyagi” cloth-dyed linen shirt with camp collar

Is the bather’s crisp white joint a touch too tame for you? Relax: Just get this one instead. It’s the perfect color for any palette, it’s got an impeccable cut, and the lightweight linen fabric is ideal for wearing over a ribbed tank right now or on its own next July. NN07 makes a version of this guy every summer for a reason – it’s very, very good.

The museum-worthy selection

Saturdays NYC Summer Bloom Canty Short Sleeve Shirt

It gives Matisse in the botanical garden. It also gives you your swaggiest era yet.

The named choice

Stoffa long sleeve camp shirt

For many people, camp shirts are basically synonymous with OOO style. Stòffa’s incredibly elegant look is a good reminder that they don’t have to be – in the right fabric (in this case, a deceptively light Italian wool), they can help you dress up a blazer with far more pizzazz than a regular ol ‘ button up.

The autumn-ready choice

Pendleton Board shirt in a classic fit

Camp shirts shouldn’t always make you feel like you’re on vacation or, er, in the mob. Pendleton’s iconic Board shirt has been a staple in the brand’s rotation for decades (hell, before the Beach Boys were Beach Boys they dug the brand’s shirts so much they called themselves the Pendletones). The straight fit is perfect as is, but also looks incredibly large and can be worn as an overshirt or layered under a scuzzy mohair cardigan.

Another No-Brainer Fall Pick

J.Crew camp collar shirt in cotton velvet

Like we said, just because we’re heading into fall doesn’t mean you have to ditch the camp collars forever. J.Crew’s version is cut from an ultra-soft, yarn-dyed corduroy that packs all the visual appeal of its summer-y counterparts.

Plus 21 more camp shirts we love

History mfg. Greetings short-sleeved organic linen camp shirt

We see stars in more ways than one. We also see this shirt with a pair of baggy cargo pants and funky clogs.

Knickerbocker “Jack” Camp Shirt

Layered over a mock neck and paired with some chunky laces and you’re officially a fall god.

Beams Plus Adventure shirt

When you’d rather have an adventure shirt than a holiday shirt.

Nanushka Bodil vegan leather shirt

Putting it here just in case one day you decide to fool it.

Karu Research cotton shirt with embroidered camp collar

Beautiful embroidery, a shimmering transparent fabric and a mesmerizing color work – this is a work of art.

OAS Mezcal Cuba jacquard shirt in cotton terry

Whose Gold finger took place in Phoenix, Sean Connery would have worn this shirt instead.

Tekla pajama shirt in organic cotton

We’ve all thought it before: yes, pajama shirts would make great everyday shirts.

Deep paisley camp shirt

Wear this warm green shirt with some billowing pants and a pair of loafers. Do NOT use it to blow your nose.

Miharayasuhiro shaggy shirt

As the temperatures drop, we let our hair grow out. This shirt is way ahead of us.

Todd Snyder lounge shirt in Japanese tube rayon

All you need is some custom chain stitch embroidery and you’ll be the captain of the most stylish bowling team.

Needles Cabana shirt

Big cats translate to big fits.

Paul Smith digital daisy shirt

These daisies will not give you allergies. They will knock you out though. Give it a boost with some brightly colored pants and some technicolor jewelry.

Bode daisy-embroidered lace shirt in cotton blend

A little clean, a whole lot of sexy.

Billionaire Boys Club Orion Hotel Graphic Button Up Camp Shirt

When the type of holiday shirt you need is more like a trip to outer space.

Rag & Bone “Harvey” Short Sleeve Knit Camp Shirt with Buttons

What Guy Fieri wears on his cooler days, probably.

Universal shirt in recycled jersey with camp collar

What would happen if you took your favorite broken-in t-shirt and turned it into a camp shirt? Very good stuff, obviously.

Gap Vacay shirt

You should match your summer drink with your shirt. In this case, it’s a cold bottle of Red Stripe.

Alex Mill camp jersey

This clean version of the camp shirt is the ideal platform for some wild jewelry.

Beams Plus cotton shirt with camp collar print

When Storage Wars pulls out a nuclear age box, this is the first thing people would fight over.

Go Barefoot Camp Collar Print Cotton Poplin Shirt

Vacation is a state of mind, so dress like it.

Bode Mystic Waves Short Sleeve Shirt

Perfect for you strolling down Haight Street.

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