Teyana Taylor is replacing her wigs with injectables

There is few celebrity faces that we have been able to watch develop through adolescence into adulthood. But since launching into stardom at the age of 16, Teyana Taylor has been a fan favorite to watch.

However, the now 31-year-old anesthetist is not afraid to share this prescription: neuromodulator, Xeomin, helps to help her maintain her youthful glow. And with the announcement that she’s the injectable bar’s latest ambassador, the multi-binder shares the many ways it’s improved her day-to-day — even down to how she chooses her hairstyles.

ELLE: What drew you to Xeomin?

I’m a big researcher and being new to injectables I wanted to make sure what I used represented me – I’m a less is more kind of girl. So anything I try, especially on my face, I want to make sure it takes that less is more approach as well. It’s Xeomin. Not only is it a smart toxin, but it doesn’t have all the unnecessary ingredients – and it gives me consistent results. My frown lines, as I call them my Chicago Bulls 11s, are completely cleared up.

teyana taylor performs

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ELLE: They say that “Black doesn’t break,” but we know that sometimes there can be room for improvement. Why and when did you decide to start improving things on your face?

I’m a black woman and we naturally have strong traits that I love. But I just wanted to smooth out my 11s a bit more while still being able to express myself visibly. I wanted people to know if I was happy, sad, angry or surprised. I already have a strong face, and then when I would make certain faces, I would think, “Yeah, it’s getting crazy in this area.”

But also, just being black queens, we smile a lot – we have a lot to smile about. Sometimes we’re left with those little laugh lines that just won’t go away when you smile. We don’t need much, but we can always improve.

ELLE: So many celebrities are hesitant to share treatments they might be getting; why did you decide to be so transparent?

I’m super normal – I’m still a woman. At the end of the day, we all still bleed the same. Status and fame don’t make you any different than the next young lady, you know? She’s also in the mirror like, “Oh my God, these lines.”

And of course I was scared because you see a lot of people in the industry who are frozen – and I knew I didn’t want that look. I wanted to show that you can do this subtly and gracefully. I have nothing to hide. I had something I wanted to fix and I did. It is natural and there is no harm in that.

teyana taylor for xeomin

Courtesy Xeomin, Merz Aesthetics/Jeremy Cowart

ELLE: We talk about the body after having a baby, but not so much about the face after having a baby. Has your face changed after having your girls?

Oh yes, every single time. It changes the first time and then you have another baby and it changes even more. I feel like gaining so much weight and then losing weight, my skin was looser. The injectables just smoothed everything out – especially in my forehead, which now matches the look of the rest of my face better, I feel.

I had these thin, sleek lines developed. I would have to wear wigs or super snappy braids to pull the skin back. Xeomin gives me the little nudge back without having to change my hairstyle. But since I am still an actress, I am still able to maintain the expressiveness of my face.

No offense, but seeing people with injectables can kind of scare you – but it’s all going little by little and I’m so happy with my results.

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ELLE: How has your skincare routine changed since using Xeomin?

I have literally tried everything to get a smooth look on my forehead – shaving, skin care, everything. Now I look smooth and moisturized all the time. I don’t have any makeup on except a brow and my lip gloss – and you can see the shine on my forehead. I could never achieve that before. I no longer feel the urge to get up and just be glamorized all day.

I am such a happy person; I am a smiler. I have two beautiful daughters and a handsome husband; there is no reason not to smile. Now I can do it without worrying about making my smile lines worse.

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