Tarte maintains relevance – and goes viral – on TikTok after 23 years in business

For many established beauty companies that have been around for decades, the idea of ​​finding success is on TikTok can feel particularly elusive. The platform is known for attracting a young, attention-deprived and fickle audience that expects novelty, authenticity and inclusiveness, while rejecting staleness, artificiality and anything it casually dismisses as “cheugy”. The brands thought to be best equipped to build a dedicated following on TikTok tend to be younger, grassroots indie startups, unless they somehow accidentally fall into virality due to controversy or gimmick stunts (see: Bobbi Brown‘s Jones’s way). So when a brand manages to grow an audience on the platform without falling into any of these categories, it’s only natural for the industry to take notice.

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