Sydney Sweeney is over the ‘Euphoria’ Makeup Trend

Sydney Sweeney is used to going against the grain. “I’ve always done things my way, whether it was pursuing acting – because it was such a different career choice than most people where I grew up – or deciding to produce my own projects at such a young age,” the 25-year-old. -old -old Spokane, Washington native tells So it’s no surprise that when Armani decided to launch an exclusive, limited edition 50ml My Way Parfum (available from January 30), the luxury brand handpicked Sweeney to announce the news. That Euphoria star is kicking off 2023 — literally — as the new face of Armani Beauty’s My Way fragrance, launching the new My Way Parfum and marking her expanded role in the Armani family (she’s already the face of Giorgio Armani makeup).

Sydney Sweeney 2023 My Way Fragrance Campaign

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With floral and powdery notes with a woody undertone, the distinct scent of My Way evokes a modern elegance that dances on the sphere of the excited uncertainty of newness. It’s perfect for the open-minded, the curious and the person ready to expand their horizons – like Sweeney, who hopes for more travel and new connections in the new year. “I love meeting new people and learning more about different cultures and languages,” she says, before adding: “When I was little, I thought I would be able to learn every language under the sun. For 2023 is my New Year’s resolution to learn more languages ​​and meet new people.”

sydney sweeney for armani beauty my way fragrance

Armani beauty

And while the jet-setting star is a regular on the red carpet and helped popularize the flashy, obliterated, pigmented makeup looks we looked at Euphoria, don’t let the bright lights and flawless full-face makeup applications fool you. “I’m such a minimalist,” admits Sweeney. In fact, she hopes makeup trends steer in this direction for 2023 and encourages people to “lean more into it and just embrace all of our own inner beauty.” Because when the camera isn’t on, this is exactly how Sweeney approaches her makeup: “I’ll use a little bit of Armani Luminous Silk Foundation under my eyes and on the little spots I have. Then a naked blush.” ​​Then she brushes her eyebrows and walks out the door.

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Her preferred “no makeup” makeup look requires a good skin care routine for healthy, hydrated and clean skin. It’s no secret that Sweeney is an avid skincare lover, something she delved into more during the pandemic. “My first rule is to wash my face, no matter how tired I am,” she says. However, we all have at least one skincare faux pas; for Sweeney, it’s sunscreen. “I know I should wear sunscreen every day. I’m trying to get better at that,” she admits.

And while the new year may be about breaking old habits, for Sweeney she’s embracing the past—starting with her natural hair color. ICYMI, the actress made headlines in late 2022 for dying her signature blonde hair brown. Admitting to us that she’s a natural brunette, she revealed that the color change was prompted by her hair literally falling out. “I bleached it so much,” she reveals. “It just started falling out. It was so dead…it was horrible.” Of course, Sweeney has been blonde for her biggest roles so far (Cassie on Euphoria, Olivia in The white lotus). She switched to red for her latest project, National anthem, before returning to her signature look. “I was afraid that if I dyed it again, I would go bald,” she says. So she cut off the remaining remnants of blonde in her hair. “All of a sudden it started growing so fast, like super fast, and now here we are.”

New Year, same old Sydney.

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