I’ve been a stylist for 24 years – these are the staples I wear year after year

Discovering your sense of style is a process and a journey. While you find your aesthetic is extremely personal, many of us (this writer included) find influence in others. An industry leader who is consistently an important source of inspiration is Roz Kaur. She is a veteran stylist (24 years under her belt) who experiments with clothes both in her own wardrobe and when helping her clients. In fact, we tapped her earlier for advice on the accessory that means the most to her. Now that we’re into the new year, we wanted to gain further insight into the specific pieces Kaur turns to year after year.

While Kaur is sure to play with fresh trends every year, there are a few versatile items that will always be mainstays in her eyes because they serve as her foundation pieces. Below you’ll discover an edit of said pieces along with styling references and testimonials from Kaur. There are product recommendations if you’re also in the mood to shop right now.

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