I used to hate this style of boot, but these 21 pairs made me do a total 180

Usually the first couple that comes to mind when I think of outdated shoe styles is a stocking boot— period. Once completely ubiquitous, the ultra-fitted silhouette was deemed “out” a few years back and replaced by wider legs knee height, cowboy bootsand everything with one lug sole attached. And yet, in recent weeks, I’ve found myself not only softening to stocking boots again, but actually wanting a pair (or two) to add to my fall wardrobe. Shocking, I know.

From high takes to classic ankle bootsthe sock boot offerings on the market right now are plentiful and dangerously tempting, and this is coming from someone who six months ago would probably have scoffed at the idea of ​​introducing a pair into my boot collection. But hey, there’s no need to blindly trust me. Instead, keep scrolling to decide the return of sock boots. I have a feeling your opinion of them will do a 180 as well.

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