Skims’ coziest Loungewear is on sale right now

As an editor who shops for can’t-miss deals, there are a handful of brands that I consider a national holiday when they finally go on sale. Do you top my list? Shimmers. Fortunately, today is one of those special days. Right now the brand is lowering the price Nice collection in a rare New Year’s sale.

Just in case anyone still thinks this is up for debate, let me make it super clear: Skims are worth the hype. If you need a refresher, Kim Kardashian founded Shimmers as a creative solution to the biggest of all shapewear needs – including innovative cuts, size inclusivity and a wide range of colors – and the brand has gradually expanded into everything from swimwear for loungewear. I never thought I’d be excited about putting on an underwire bra or bodysuit, but the reliable quality of Skims has made me a believer.

Skim’s Cozy Knit Unisex Robe

Now 23% discount

Cozy knit trousers

Skim’s Cozy Knit Pant

Now 50% off

Cozy knit sweater

Skims Cozy knit sweater

Now 18% discount

Cozy knitting card

Skims Cozy Knit Short

Now 45% off

The Cozy Collection is no exception. Made with yarns that are miraculously warm, light and breathable all at once, it’s a range dedicated to relaxing in luxury. (In fact, one shopper calls this line “the nicest thing [they’ve ever] worn.”) With a range of ultra-snuggly thought, biker shorts, hoodiesand clothes included in the sale, shopping them ASAP is a no-brainer.

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Skims rarely offers discounts on its products beyond its Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales, which makes this deal even more desirable. Having said that, colors and sizes fly off the shelves. If you want to follow along and have an exceptionally cozy time, you can add your favorites to your shopping cart pronto.

Main photo by Kelsey Mulvey

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