Get Show Notes, GQ’s exclusive guide to fashion week

In June, when the men’s fashion shows started in Italy, we hit send on the first edition of Show Notes, GQ’s fashion week newsletter.

We devised Show Notes as a guide to what really went down as the Spring 2023 collections rolled out. Every day or two, between shows and re-sees and cocktail receptions and after-parties and a few hours of sleep here and there, GQ fashion writer Samuel Hine reported on the fashion week stories he found most fascinating—the things that have turned “fashion week” into shorthand for a biannual, worldwide, months-long pop culture ecosystem unto itself. Among other shipments, Show notes introduced readers for the photography corps who can make or break street style stars, looked inside the cult of Prada fandom, and mapped the rise of the “twin influencer”.

And we’re just getting started. (As they say, it’s always fashion week somewhere.) If you subscribe to Show Notes at the link below, you’ll be the first to know what’s happening when New York Fashion Week kicks off on September 9.

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