This expert-endorsed technique is poised to become the next big skincare trend

One of my personal favorite ways to use short contact therapy to target acne breakouts is with benzoyl peroxide. The incredibly powerful ingredient works to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and unblock clogged pores, but it can also cause skin to dry out and peel. Instead of applying it in a serum or treatment form, I instead use a benzoyl peroxide cleanser, leave it on my skin for 3-5 minutes (think of it as a face mask), and then rinse it off.

Perry also recommends trying the technique via a cleanser. “I often use a salicylic acid cleanser for a few minutes when a client is experiencing breakouts to reduce inflammation or even as a way to mitigate breakouts at certain points throughout the hormonal cycle,” she says. Alternatively, you can also try short contact therapy with a serum. Again, think of it as a mask—apply to clean skin, rinse off with just water, then continue with the moisturizing steps of your routine.

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