The ‘Bad Girl’ Fashion Era Tops: 7 Outfits That Prove It

When Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad album dropped, no black corset or edgy bob cut was safe. Rihanna’s transformation from a fresh-faced girl next door to an It girl siren felt like a dramatic shift out of nowhere, and the whole world took notice. Right now there is a similar moment is happening in fashion. While LBDs and stilettos have always been a staple of the It-girl style diet, look at the number of designers who have put their full weight behind it underwear exposing piecesand skin-tight bodysuits, it feels like a very defined shift towards the risky side of things. There’s no buzzy, catch-all name for it, but with the influx of sheer statement dresses and sky-high revenge heels, I’ve taken to calling it the “bad girl” fashion era.

Just looking at the warm reception of Saint Laurent and Alaïa’s spring/summer 2023 offerings, it’s pretty clear that it’s all about showing skin. While the “bad girl” aesthetic is multifaceted, the general approach is to stick to skin-exposing cutouts or underwear-revealing garments in shades of black. For those daring enough to embrace the trend, I’ve compiled a list of seven amazing outfits to refer to to get the seductive vibe right. Keep clicking for the best of the show when it comes to bad-girl fashion.

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