This affordable Japanese line is the biggest cheat code in watches

So you want to buy a watch. Maybe it’s your first watch, maybe it’s your fiftieth – whatever, you’re just looking for something reliable and attractive and versatile and fun, preferably at a price that doesn’t require a new mortgage. Well, if you ask us – and you kind of have by clicking this article – there’s really only one place to start: the legendary Seiko 5 series. For decades have Japanese watchmaker‘s entry-level sport line has gained a massive cult following in watch circles for its seemingly impossible ratio of quality to price. These tickers come complete with almost everything you could possibly want in a modern watch: automatic movement, day and date display, protected crown at the 4 o’clock position and water resistance, all wrapped up in a nearly indestructible case. Whether you’re after a rugged field trip or a beautiful diver, the Seiko 5 is a serious cheat to up your wrist game. That is precisely why we are here GQ have recommended their budget-friendly watches time and time again, i Article after Article, for years. If you’re curious about what all the Seiko 5 hype is about, we’ve rounded up a handful of these very watches for your buying pleasure right here.

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