How Sadie Sink Got Ready for Her First Critics’ Choice Awards

As they say, there’s a first time for everything – including major award ceremonies. Tonight, actress and newly minted Chanel ambassador Sadie Sink rocked a look from the French house’s Fall 2022 haute couture collection while attending her first ever Critics Choice Awards, where the 20-year-old was nominated for Best Young Actress for her appearance in Darren Aronofsky’s psychological drama The whale.

“I have never been [to the Critics Choice Awards], so it will be a new experience,” Sink tells exclusively. “I always look forward to seeing my cast and crew members. Award shows can feel a bit bizarre, so it’s nice to have familiar faces close by.”

A good outfit probably doesn’t hurt either. Sink chose a black silk Radzimir dress with a gold, silver, red and black embroidered bustier, paired with Jimmy Choo shoes, fine Chanel jewelry and a Chanel bag. “I think it’s a nice balance between modern and timeless,” she says of the look. “I also love wearing a full skirt, which is something I don’t normally wear. I actually tried this dress on over the summer and have wanted to wear it ever since. I feel like myself in it, which is the most important quality in anything I wear.”

Sink’s relationship with Chanel goes back several years – she first wore the brand Stranger Things premiered back in 2017. “Chanel has been there for me since the beginning, which is a surreal thing to say,” says Sink. “That team has seen me grow up, so it’s quite a special relationship to have with a fashion house. As I’ve matured, so has my sense of style. I feel that Chanel has played a big role in that evolution in terms of influencing my personal taste.”

As for the preparation process, Sink doesn’t have a specific formula—at least not yet. “I don’t get to LA that much so I like to catch up with my hair and makeup team [makeup artist Nina Park, hairstylist Ryan Richman, and nail artist Ashlie Johnson] while I get ready. I rarely play music because I can’t handle the pressure of being a DJ.”

Click through below to watch Sink gear up for the 2023 Critics Choice Awards, minus the playlist.

Main photo by Claire Stern

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