‘Rings of Power’ hasn’t premiered yet, but this actor is already the Lord of the Big Fits

Rings of powerAmazon’s blockbuster adaptation taken from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings mythology, arriving this week. As such, the stars have been jet-setting across the globe with a parade of premieres to rival any Hollywood blockbuster. (Which makes sense considering the show is rumored to be one of the most expensive to ever be produced.) Of the cast—and it is a big cast – a particularly adventurous dresser has appeared: 17-year-old Australian newcomer Tire Muhafidin.

Steve Granitz

Steve Granitz

Lots of people wanted to play it cool on their first big red carpet. Not Muhafidin! He is clearly not afraid of bold colors or exaggerated cuts. His style odyssey started two weeks ago in Los Angeles when he appeared in a utilitarian, deconstructed riff on the tuxedowearing a flowy dress shirt and cargo pants from menswear writer Greg Lauren. The look also included an untied bow around the neck and a pair of two-tone Dr. Martens brogues. Next up was a loose double-breasted blazer in a Brunswick green so oversized that his hands disappeared inside the sleeves. The finishing touch to the look? ONE punked-up pearl necklace.

Then Muhafidin locked himself in shorts. We speak big, voluminous shorts– the kind that almost turns into culotte territory-carried with one pinstripe blazer and very Y2K sunglasses. A couple of days later, purple shorts was paired with a chunky swirled cardigan and brilliant black boots. Finally he turned to a green corduroy suit with contrast lining and painted details. A three-peat of slouchy tops and oversized shorts, each outfit more delightfully eccentric than the last.

Prodip Guha/Getty Images

Raymond Hall

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Muhafidin is relatively unknown at this time. (Rings of power representing his first significant role.) It’s a bold move for such a fresh face to hit the press circuit with such a sophisticated level of attention-grabbing. To judge from the series’ early positive reviews, it feels safe to say that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Muhafidin in the future. One review called the series “big, bold and beautiful.” You can say the same about Tire Muhafidin’s style.

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