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For millions of people around the world, their faith serves as a foundation upon which every aspect of life is built. Family, relationships and details of daily life are all understood through the lens of religion – body art is no exception. Adding religious tattoos to your personal collection is the perfect way to commemorate your relationship with God and show the world how important your faith is.

Many people choose to get their religion tattoo ideas placed over their heart, which adds to the meaning of the piece. However, these devotional pieces work equally well on pretty much every part of the body, from the biceps to the ankle. If you’ve ever felt compelled to dedicate a bit of skin to the Almighty, you’ll find all the inspiration you need in this collection of religious ink.

1. Religious quote tattoo

It is not only the Bible that gives inspiring words to believers. Religious quote tattoos can draw on phrases spoken by popes, preachers and prophets to show the world that your personal faith is foremost in your life.

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2. Bible verse tattoo

When it comes to religious tattoo ideas, there is no shortage of material to draw from. This is especially true for tattoos with Bible verses. Whether you prefer the harsh nature of the Old Testament or the “turn the other cheek” enlightenment of the New Testament, there is sure to be a passage from this sacred text that fits your lifestyle.

Religious quote tattoo
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3. Religious lion tattoo

The lion is a powerful symbol that has worked its way into faiths and cultures around the world, thanks to its noble and fierce nature. When it comes to religion lion tattoosthese impressive creatures can be successfully reproduced in a variety of styles, from black and gray realism to full color American tradition.

Religious lion tattoo
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4. Religious Angel Tattoo

There are few images as versatile and unmistakably religious as the angel. From photorealistic depictions of archangels clad in armor wielding a holy sword to abstract renderings that take a more subtle approach, there is a religious angel tattoo out there for every devoted man.

Religious angel tattoo
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5. Small religious tattoo

Just because a tattoo isn’t spread all over your back doesn’t mean it isn’t significant. In fact, the most important ink sometimes just needs a little bit of space to convey a strong meaning. If you prefer your ink a more subtle approach, small tattoos maybe just what you’re looking for.

Small religious tattoo
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6. Jesus Christ tattoo

JC himself. If you are a man of faith, it is more than likely that the teachings of Jesus Christ have moved you. From the Immaculate Conception to driving the money changers out of the temple, the story of the Son of God is full of lessons and parables that are as applicable today as they were a thousand years ago. If you want to show your personal relationship with God, Jesus Christ tattoos can be the perfect choice.

Jesus Christ tattoo
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7. Virgin Mary tattoo

Known as the Immaculate Conception, the story of Mary shows absolute trust and devotion to the Almighty. Mother of the World, for millions of people around the globe, Mary is a nurturing figure who provides comfort in the most troubling times, and if this holy mother has played an important role in your faith, you should consider Virgin Mary tattoos.

Virgin Mary tattoo
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8. Cross Tattoo

An unmistakable symbol that instantly tells everyone you meet that you are a man who takes his faith seriously, cross tattoos can be applied in a variety of styles and approaches. From realistic depictions of Christ crucified to more stylized interpretations that let an artist flex their creative muscles, these devotional designs are an excellent choice for the religious man.

Cross tattoo
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9. Rosary tattoo

For anyone who spent time in Catholic school, there is no doubting the importance of these sacred pearls. Although they can be applied in a variety of styles, rosary tattoos are particularly appealing in fine lines, black and gray, allowing the string and beads to take center stage without the distraction of flashy color.

Rosary tattoo
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10. Praying Hands Tattoo

A religious tattoo idea that has become increasingly popular over the past ten years, praying hands tattoos are most often applied in photorealistic black and gray ink. Whether it’s on your underarm, chest or neck, there’s no mistaking the devotion behind this clean design.

Praying Hands Tattoo
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11. Only God can judge me tattoo

Sometimes a tattoo is best served straight up. If you are a man who is not worried about the opinions of most people and lives your life in accordance with the Almighty, “only God judge me tattoos” can be the perfect way to show the world where your priorities are.

Only God can judge me tattoo
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12. Our Lady Of Guadalupe Tattoo

Born out of a series of holy apparitions in 1531, the Virgin of Guadalupe has become a prominent devotional figure in Catholicism, particularly important in Latino communities. If the vibrant colors most often used to depict the Mother of God appeal to your style and faith, Our Lady of Guadalupe tattoos are a perfect choice.

Our Lady of Guadalupe tattoo
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13. Mary and baby Jesus tattoo

We are all familiar with the story of Christ’s birth. But far from being just a Christmas tradition, this religious story marks the beginning of the Christian tradition that continues to give meaning to millions of people around the world. If you want your ink to show this deep origin story, Mary and Baby Jesus tattoos are worth considering.

Mary and Baby Jesus tattoo
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14. Orthodox crucifixion tattoo

A slightly different representation of this powerful Christian symbol, the cross depicted in the Eastern Orthodox tradition carries the same deep meaning as it does in other sects. Orthodox crucifixion tattoos can be the perfect choice if you have roots in Eastern Europe and want to show off your faith.

Orthodox crucifixion tattoo
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15. Religious compass tattoo

For many people, their faith is a guiding light. It provides direction in uncertain times and comfort during life’s hardships. So it makes sense that incorporating another wayfinding tool into a devotional design might get some meaningful ink. If you find yourself letting “Jesus take the wheel,” you might want to consider religious compass tattoos for your next visit to the studio.

Religious compass tattoo
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16. Religious tattoo forearm

The lower arm has been a popular canvas for inking for decades, thanks to the prominence of the placement as well as the ability to easily cover it in settings where displaying ink is not appropriate. If you want ink dedicated to your faith, but still don’t want to catch sideways glances at Sunday service, a religious tattoo forearm can be the perfect compromise.

Religious tattoo forearm
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17. Religious sleeve tattoo

For some people, the power of their faith cannot be accurately captured on a small scale. A large canvas that is full of natural lines, if you want to dedicate a little more flesh to show the great role that God plays in your life, religious sleeve tattoos may be the only way to go.

Religious sleeve tattoo
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18. Religious hand tattoo

If you wear your faith on your sleeve and are not afraid of who knows, religious hand tattoos can be a perfect choice. While once known as “job killers” and most likely found on convicts and bikers, as attitudes change about tattoos, a bit of ink under the cuff doesn’t hold the stigma it once did.

Religious hand tattoo
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19. Religious chest tattoo

One of the largest canvases on the body, the chest is perfectly suited to large designs that make use of this space. However, this does not mean that religious chest tattoos have to be massive pieces that spread across your torso. In fact, a bit of script placed directly over the heart can provide some appealing ink that conveys the importance of faith in your life.

Religious chest tattoo
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20. Religious elbow tattoo

A canvas that has become increasingly popular over the past few decades, the elbow is perfect for designs that take advantage of the unique lines of this joint. From a crown of thorns encircling the bend of the arm to a cross strategically placed on the joint, religious elbow tattoos make for some unique and eye-catching designs.

Religious Elbow Tattoo
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Frequently Asked Questions About Religious Tattoo:

What does a religious tattoo symbolize?

The specific meaning behind any tattoo is personal, so even two people with similar designs can have completely different personal interpretations of the image. That being said, religious tattoos are most often used to express the wearer’s faith, devotion and respect for a religious tradition.

Where to get a religious tattoo?

Religious tattoos can be successfully applied to any number of canvases on the body; it really depends on your personal preference. From a Bible verse placed over the heart, to a pair of hands folded in prayer and applied in black and gray fine lines to the neck, your sensibilities and lifestyle only limit the placement of your ink.

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