I’ve been a stylist for 27 years – these beautiful things elevate my wardrobe

Many of us have a few things in our closets that feel extra special and help lift our wardrobes. For experienced stylists, Roz Kaur, which includes her selection of beautiful pieces. She’s been styling for over 20 years, so she’s seen and accumulated a wide variety of forward-thinking choices, but there’s a select group of items in her offering that she considers true favorites right now.

“I mean, we all have to have certain things in place to feel our most beautiful, right? Me? It’s kind of about a certain group of pieces in my closet. So, voilĂ , I put one on and I feel beautiful, ” she said.

Below you will discover beautiful things Kaur loves, complete with visual references showing how she wears each. If you’re in the mood to add another beautiful piece to your own wardrobe, inspired product recommendations are also sprinkled throughout.

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