Plus Size Workwear Update: 7 Smart and Essential Items to Update Your Office Look!

Welcome to the new year… You might find yourself heading back to the office or needing to be on Zoom a bit more, but if you find yourself longing for new plus size work clothes, where do you go and how do you start updating? A few of you chatted about this on Twitter, and as promised, we’re here to talk about a few updates on workwear that will keep you balanced, polished and professional on the office.

Have you noticed that you are wearing the same thing you wore last week? You know the tried and true #OOTD. Don’t feel bad, we totally understand the struggle of getting dressed for work in the morning. Standing in the abyss called a closet in your underwear and wondering why you didn’t get the black maxi that went with everything.

But then you go online and search and you’re left uninspired, questioning why would the fashion people subject you to garish prints, random bedazzling or worse? Extremely boring or matronly options.

First of all, you have to realize that you’re not alone! Fun, functional, smart and classic plus size workwear exists, and we’re here to help you dress the part you deserve. We all aim to look effortlessly office chic while answering emails and running across town to meetings. We just need to update a few important items, including a great one plus size suitin our closet to achieve this!

And today, we’re sharing 7 essential plus-size workwear options to update your look right now! Are you ready?

7 Plus Size Workwear To Update Your Office Look Right Now!

Well, since more than a few of you have been asking about plus-size workwear options, what to wear, and where to get them, AND since we’re on the cusp of spring and the new arrivals, we thought we’d help you!

The updated LBD (Little Black Dress)

If you’re a fan of black and white and a great wrap dress, this is a great option. You can pair your LBD with Pantone Color, Viva Magentaa cool print or metallic in your shoes for spring.

The fun of an LBD is the ability to accessorize endlessly… Here you can add or change belts and throw on some cute heels for a chic dinner desk option!

The relaxed cardigan:

Not sure what to wear with those *really cute* ankle pants? Try a longline cardigan to elongate those legs and protect you from the shaky office conditions OR change it up and brighten up your look with a floor length cardigan – perfect for spring and early autumn.

In this case, you can also create a more casual suit by pairing your cardigan with a matching skirt!

Crazy by:

Sometimes a great skirt suit can do all the work in your closet. In the same way that a pantsuit can be worn three ways, so can your skirt! Especially if your skirt is versatile enough to be paired with other items in your closet.

With that in mind, we’ll always appreciate a great midi-length skirt. A midi skirt can be professional for work and sensual for play, with a conscious change of accessories and your top.

The updated pants:


High-waisted, cropped, and wide-leg pants are sure to be a few silhouettes you’ll find in pants this year! Liven up even the most boring work outfit with a pair of high-waisted trousers in a fun shade.

Or take it tapered and slim with these in playful plaids or bold hues. Who says your casual wear gets all the fun?

Legend print:

Now, not everyone is a fan of print. Prints can be extremely personal!

BUT if done correctly, prints can be a timeless way to add a bit of flair and personality to your wardrobe. If your job allows for a casual business atmosphere, spice up your outfit by adding bold prints to your office look.


The possibilities are endless and it’s a great way to add your personal style to your business style.

The smart suit:

Suiting may seem so boring at first, but thanks to the various plus size brands and designers, we have a few fun ways to add color, style and even throw a little luxury into our plus size workwear collection…

If you do decide to invest in a great suit and if your funds are limited, make sure you get a neutral shade and shop from a brand that brings in the season’s silhouettes but keeps the color or fabric the same. Think Henning, Pari Passuand even Eloquii.

This way, you can add one element at a time, knowing that your suit will always match. This will allow your closet to constantly stay updated without having to reinvent the options each season.

The stylish apartments:

Comfort your feet with fashionable flats and put away those pesky heels. It seems that through the pandemic and the rise of plus size loungewear, along came the casualness of the occasion! We want comfort and style, and luckily we have a few options to play with, in a wide range.

Think you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd with these seven key items to update your plus size workwear options? Will these refresh your workwear look? What things do you add to keep it sweet?

Which of these plus size workwear looks inspired you to add, spice up or overhaul your business style?

Sometimes as we search through social we notice the silent calls from all of you asking for more fashionable work wear and tips on how to wear it. Just so you know, we heard you!

What plus size work clothes options you want to try first? Let us know!

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