Looking for a faux fur jacket for fall? Here are 20 Foxy Plus Size Faux Fur Finds!

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For some of us, we couldn’t wait for the chill in the air to hit! The nanosecond we felt the wind? Out comes the plus size faux fur jacket, the polished wool trench coats, bold bomber jackets, smart leather coats and autumn bow ties wide calf boots was on!

We were ready, you hear me!

So with this chill and our eagerness to share plus size fashion news, we’ve rounded up more than a few great finds, more specifically the plus size faux fur finds, just in time for fall and winter as the weather reminds us to layer up with style…

Hey, for some snow has already touched the ground, so why not a big plus size faux fur feature?

You know what we love about faux fur? The drama, the decadence and the fantasy…lol

Whether it’s paired with an evening dress or a great warm and playful pair plus size jeansfaux fur has sooo much attitude and nastiness…or maybe it’s all in our heads?

Well, it is what it is!

Combine that with innovation, forward thinking and barrier breaking indie plus size designers and retailers (thank you)we have more than a few playful options this fall…

Ready to see what we found?

Here are 20 Plus Size Faux Fur Finds!

Looking for a pair of plus size faux fur for fall? Well, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite finds for you!

Did you catch all the possibilities we have to play with plus size faux fur? And now, if you could only choose one (or a few). Decisions, right?

But honestly, can we talk about these plus size faux fur options? The different levels of style – from classic to edgy and dramatic? You have your choice with these!

Think about it, do you remember having such a selection to play in? We are absolutely delighted with this… Having options that give us modern, trendy, with different personal styles to sort through?

We love the growth of options at different price points, styling and quality!

Now the question is where to wear these options! With the many Christmas festivities coming up, you might have a few places to show off your new score. Did you go out on the town with the homies? Even better!

The one thing to take away is that our options improve a little bit. We need brands to expand the size ranges that they make and design these options. To really make things inclusive, right?

What do you think? About the possibilities of faux fur to play in? Is it all up your alley? Or are you more of a leather jacket rocker? Let’s discuss!

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