I’m a picky beauty writer – this is the brand that makes up 50% of my skin routine

I often use this comforting face oil before I give myself one facial massage. Although I would consider myself a beginner, I can always see a difference in my skin when I make it a priority in my nightly skincare routine.

Facial massage comes highly recommended by Yoon. In fact, she considers it one of her favorite skin tips. “I’m a big believer in facial massage, so whenever I’m doing my skin care routine, I quickly incorporate a 3-minute lymphatic drainage massage, circulation-enhancing massage, or toning massage myself,” she says. “Even if it’s short, consistency can make a big difference!”

In case you’re wondering, her other favorite skin tips are eating anti-inflammatory foods and managing stress and anxiety. “I’m all about anti-inflammatory foods like matcha tea and sprinkling turmeric on a lot of my foods, which is easy to make and goes well with a lot of dishes,” she says. “And as someone who struggles with eczema and other skin issues, I know that stress and anxiety easily show up on my skin. I love to include little rituals throughout the day that fit my lifestyle at the moment and help me to feel grateful, content and calm Lately I’ve been relaxing at night by watching an episode of a Korean drama while I cook for my baby And in the morning, for a few years now, I always start the day with tea and five minutes of total silence to map out my day ahead to stay organized.”

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