You’re Done: 6 Winter Trends I Vetoed From My Closet (And 6 I’m Adding)

While I am a great champion of shopping with longevity in mind, I am not immune to current trends either. As a fashion editor, I’ve always found it fun to look at every item that’s trending and handpick the few that speak to my personal style to freshen up my outfit rotations. As much as I wish every single item I buy could stay in my closet forever, trying out new trends inevitably means that others will get the boot. Mine small NYC closet can only handle so much…

Now that winter is in full swing, I realize that the staples I used to wear between November and February could definitely use an update, so to bring my cold weather wardrobe into the present, I’m taking stock of what’s in my closet and removing six winter trends that no longer feel like the freshest options. Items like knee-high boots and statement fleece jackets that I’ve tried in previous seasons get the boot, and now I’m eyeing a few 2023 updates that will make all my winter outfits feel more true to where my style is is today .

With that, keep reading to see which winter trends I’ll be relying on over the next few months and thus which older ones I’m retiring.

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