This opulent (and affordable) jewelry brand is inspired by a bygone era

Deniz Gurdalis, the designer behind the UK-based sustainable jewelery brand Ottoman hands, is probably a bit of a history buff—after all, the “Ottoman” part of the brand’s name is a literal nod to the Ottoman Empire, which ruled much of the area where Europe, Asia, and Africa converge from the 14th beginning of the 20th century. (The hands part of the name honors the brand’s slow, handmade process.) What results from this unique blend of ideas is a vast collection of gilded baubles that blend modern design with ancient influences: Think pieces that lean into opulence, flourishes and maximalism. There are red ruby, blue lapis and emerald green gemstones punctuated with ornate sun rays, the “evil eye” amulet is one of the brand’s best-selling motifs, and Greek goddesses such as Aphrodite and Demeter are the showstoppers for pendant necklaces.

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