Are you looking for a good Plus Size bra? Try Oola Lingerie!

We know how hard it is to find good fitting plus size bras, you know, plus size lingerie that does the job AND looks good! We’re talking fashion, form AND function with plus size bras and lingerie.

So when we had the chance to revisit what Oola Lingerie has been up to, we had to share this brand and their latest options for those looking for a high-quality plus size bra for fuller breasts.

“To say that I am obsessed with designing and producing good quality lingerie is an understatement. I love the technology and beauty that goes into making each and every bra we produce, which is why I want to share with you, what makes an Oola bra different.” Sara Maskell, co-founder of Oola

You have to love technology and the continuous growth of plus size options, especially as it relates to plus size bras and lingerie. This plus size bra brand emphasizes technology and fashion to bring us beautiful bras that are CUTE, not boring, and that “Lifts and separates!”

What makes Oola Lingeri know and shop?

Image via Oola Lingerie Instagram

A lot goes into the creation of an Oola bra. To ensure fit and support, Oola bras are designed, developed and fit plus size models. Not only do they fit plus size models, but Oola lingerie delivers fit when they get down to the fine details.

Their bras are designed with wider back panels and reduced strap length. This takes pressure off the back and improves support and posture. They pay a lot of attention to the construction here, to eliminate the need for “will take your bra off the minute you get home.”

Continuing with these details, Oola bra straps are wider than average, with “plush, brushed elastics to maximize comfort, support and minimize shoulder chafing.” We appreciate this thought and attention.

Oola Lingerie- Plus size bra and lingerie brand up through a 46 I Cup
Image via Oola Lingerie Instagram

We all hate the dreaded brace snap situation, right? Well, to help solve this, Oola uses reinforced wiring for “provide the necessary support and eliminate underarm discomfort. So no hidden wires under your armpit to pop out and dig in.”


Oola bras go up through a 46 band size and up through an I cup. For their underwear, their panties go up to a size 28.

Oola Lingerie- Plus size bra and lingerie brand up through a 46 I Cup
Image via Oola Lingerie Instagram

On their site they have a wealth of information about their bras and lingerie. We came across a great list of rules that deal with how a perfectly fitting bra should look and feel. And because we love you, we’ve shared it below!

Oola Lingeri shares their rules for a perfect bra fit

Oola Lingerie- Plus size bra and lingerie brand up through a 46 I Cup
Image via Oola Lingerie Instagram
  • The underband feels firm and snug, it’s flat all the way around your body and doesn’t ride up in the back.
  • The front bit, which sits between each breast, lies flat against your chest.
  • The cups completely enclose both of your breasts and create a smooth line
  • The underwires follow the natural fold of your bosom – they should not rub or dig into the skin
  • The straps feel secure enough to hold your bra in place without cutting into your shoulders

For those of you who are curious, yes, Oola Lingerie ships internationally and they have free shipping over $100.

Shop the latest plus size bras and lingerie at!

Do you have a bra from Oola Lingerie? How do you like their brand and fit?

Where do you get your bras? Who are some of your favorites?

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