These $40 Split-Hem Pants have taken over my work wardrobe

The second I slipped in Old Navy High Waist High Waist Side Slit Flare Jeans in may i knew i was officially sold on the sweatpants trend. They add a level of chic intrigue that I’ve fallen in love with, which is exactly how I recently ended up with the brand’s Extra high-waisted Stevie Skinny pants with a split front ($40) also in my cart. They caught my eye while examining the dealer’s new november arrivals, and judging by how much I love the aforementioned denim, I knew I had to give this professional style a shot as well. My honest thoughts on them ahead.

What I like about these pants

I am wearing these pants as I write this article and wow they are comfortable. Their rayon-blend fabric feels legitimately as comfortable as sweatpants, yet they’re perfectly suited for a professional work environment. I paired them with my favorite pair of tan heels, a bodysuit, and a blazer to give them their first test run, but I think they’d look just as cute with a pair of high-top sneakers or heels. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love versatile wardrobe finds and these definitely tick all the boxes.

What is worth noting about these pants

As perfect as these pants are in style and material, it may take some trial and error to achieve the perfect fit. I ordered my usual size, medium, and they fit perfectly through the leg, but are a little oversized in the waist. For me, they are not so big that they are useless or uncomfortable, but this is something you may also experience if you choose to buy them.

After reading the reviews section on the brand’s website, I learned that the vast majority of shoppers had a positive experience considering their sizing, but a fraction of shoppers found them too long and therefore returned them. Therefore, we recommend trying them in the store if you have the opportunity.

Finally, some shoppers expected these to fit more with traditional pants than leggings. IMO, they are a unique fusion of both. They are made of a thick material that looks like dress pants, but sits on the thigh like a legging. I think it will come down to personal preference to decide if it’s the right fit and material for you, but let it be known that I’m a fan.

Who are these pants best for?

These pants are best for those who want to try a modern look on a classic style. Since they’re so versatile, there’s no real risk in adding them to your wardrobe, especially if you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe with a few new pairs of elevated bottoms.

further details

  • These pants come in sizes XS-4X.
  • They also come in a chocolate-brown color called “French Roast.”
  • To clean them, the brand recommends machine washing them on a cold gentle cycle and line drying them.


Image source: POPSUAR Photography / Marisa Petrarca

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