I’m a fashion editor based in NYC – I see these winter looks at least once a day

Winter in New York is no walk in the park. I know this from experience, firstly because I grew up in Chicago and know how brutal it is winter look (and feel) like, and secondly because I’ve experienced my fair share of New York over the past five years. Really, the only way to get through it is to dress the part, which I’ve only been able to do because I study those around me who all seem to do it with ease.

New York City is full of savvy dressers who always make it look good even in the worst weather situations, whether it’s 98ºF in August and the humidity is 80% or a 10ºF that feels like -1ºF according to AccuWeather. New Yorkers are simply built differently, and it shows when you look at the streets (especially on a freezing cold winter day). With plenty of them coming this season, I’ve already started scanning my surroundings for winter outfit inspiration. And just like the last five winters, my neighbors did not disappoint.

Keep scrolling to see the winter street style I see daily in NYC.

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