A trifecta of street style trends ruled Day 2 of New York Fashion Week

The fun of street style is seeing everyone’s individuality and personal interpretation of fashion shine through their outfits outside of the shows. Still, it seems every season the crowds have all quietly settled on a handful of pieces that reign supreme. (Is there some sort of group text or WhatsApp chain for that?)

On the second day of Spring 2023 debuts under New York Fashion Week, that became abundantly clear as a trifecta of trends—mainly from the Fall 2022 runways, but also from the broader sartorial zeitgeist—became virtually inevitable. It was: lowincrease bottom (jeans and trousers, but also skirts), white tank tops (à la Bottega Veneta, Prada, underwear department at Target) and mini skirts (because what Miuccia says, We do).

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