Hot Pants are back – and yes, they’re hotter than ever

In case you’re wondering, no, hot pants aren’t called “hot pants” just because women look “hot” in them (which they definitely do, by the way). While the term “hot” was transferred to the style name back in the 50s because of the shock factor they brought, this trend is one that women originally broke out in protest of their expected dress code at the time. Longer hemlines and an overall modest aesthetic were the norm back then, but that didn’t stop women from flaunting their bodies loud and proud with the development of short shorts. We continued to see the rise of this trend from the 50s to the 70s, and believe it or not, by the year 2022 they are back and hotter than ever.

While this trend is definitely here to stay, it has also evolved quite a bit. I don’t want to chalk the ascent off knit hot pants, especially for the current home climate, but it’s certainly practical. Hot pants made a big impact on the runways in recent seasons and were styled in so many different ways that we knew it was only a matter of time before the trend started bubbling up in the real world as well. As mentioned before, fashion girls are currently particularly fond of the knitted styles, but there are plenty of tailored and structured versions to combat the loungewear aesthetic as well.

Ahead, check out how fashionistas are currently wearing the new hotpants trend, then shop some of the most stylish versions around.

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