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We all know gas prices are crazy right now. So I’m all about saving where I can! With 4 kids we have a big SUV and carpooling with them all over town means something, but did you know that many Walmart locations also have gas stations? I knew Walmart had gas stations, but I didn’t realize that with you Walmart+ membership it actually works at a lot of other gas stations too (over 14k stations nationwide). You can save up to $0.10 per gallon, depending on which station you’re at, which pretty much pays for your membership after a month or two if you’re a carpool mom like me or take summer road trips 🙂

It is super easy to use. On the Walmart app, you can draw a card and it will show you all the gas stations near you that are eligible for the discount, then scan your barcode at the pump and you can save $$! I was already using Walmart+ for free grocery store delivery so I was also excited about the fuel benefit now!

Have you tried it Walmart+?



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