Sir. Porter’s Black Friday sale is packed with deals on nutty menswear

There’s a whole bunch acts vying for your attention right now, but in a sea of ​​intervening pre-Thanksgiving events, Mr. Bring on the Black Friday sales. Why? Mostly because the e-comm operation has carved out a niche as a stockist of grown-up clothes – you know, the kind you promise you’ll splurge on when the annual bonus hits – with a healthy dose of bleeding-edge menswear too in the mixture. On its website, you’ll find plenty of outrageously priced sweats essentials, but what the retailer really does best is devoured classics (gorgeous topcoats, hand-knit sweaters, razor-sharp tailoring) sourced from an elite roster of capital-D designer labels and indie darlings. And right now, an absurd amount of it is up to 30% off, including a particularly hardy chore jacket, a few pairs of blizzard-blasting boots, and the wildest, billowiest kilt we’ve seen in a minute. Keep scrolling to see everything we’re doing to get your hands on ASAP, or hurry up to shop the Mr Porter Black Friday sale in its entirety.

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