We are halfway through 2022 – See our most worn fashion items

Although it feels like 2022 has just started, we are already halfway through the year. As fashion editors, we have been shopping, trying and experimenting a lot with clothes for the last six months, and we are ready to share the items that have become uniform in our wardrobe. While we love sharing our top picks at the end of the year, we thought we’d give our halfway review so you can shop jewelry and wear for the rest of 2022. We are against gatekeeping, and would like to contribute to the sartorial goodness.

The fashion market is actually saturated – a staggering amount of pieces hitting the market every week. It can be scary to find the right pieces, but this is where we editors come into the picture. Below you will find the shopping choices we continue to draw towards, including pictures of how we have worn them, so you can get some inspiration for styling. Since this is our job, it takes a lot to impress us, so you just need to know that the findings below are worth your time and money.

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