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With the resurgence of men’s long hair, men’s ponytail hairstyles have also become more and more popular. A ponytail for men is the perfect way to still rock long hair while keeping it out of your face. Learning how to style your long hair can feel overwhelming at first, but with the right inspiration, you’ll be rocking a ponytail in no time. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite styles below.

1. Classic ponytail

The best way to start your journey towards perfecting your ponytail is to start by mastering the classic ponytail. You really can’t go wrong with this look, I think Chris Hemsworth circa 2012. All you need is a sturdy hair tie, preferably one that matches the color of your hair. Perfect for a relaxed or more elevated look, the classic ponytail never fails.

@langhårsmænd / Instagram

2. Half ponytail

If your hair is on the short side, you may not be able to pull it all up into a ponytail. Don’t sweat it, the half ponytail look is a great option for those with shorter hair. It is also optimal men’s hairstyle for the fashion forward.

Half ponytail
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3. High ponytail

One category of men’s ponytail is the super popular one man bun. When you want to go for a high ponytail, pulling your hair up in a looser bun is a good choice. The high ponytail or man bun creates a more dressed-up look that can even be used for formal occasions.

High ponytail
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4. Braided ponytail

Want to rock the braided ponytail? Step One: Learn to braid your hair. Or better yet, have someone braid it for you. ONE braided look might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a men’s ponytail, but once you try it, you’ll love this signature style.

Braided ponytail
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5. Ponytail for curly hair

If you have Curly Hair, it’s likely that it can get a little out of control at times. The curly ponytail is a classic way to get that pesky hair out of your face while still showing off your amazing curls. Put a little bit of curling cream etc hair gel into your hair first to give it extra control.

Ponytail for curly hair
@lanedorsey / Instagram

6. Ponytail for long hair

Long hair is ideal for pulling off ponytail hairstyles for men. With long hair, you can style your ponytail to be high, low, or anywhere in between. For a more formal event, opt for a high ponytail.

Ponytail for long hair_
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7. Ponytail for short hair

When you’re trying to grow your hair out, there’s nothing more exciting than discovering that you can finally start putting your hair in a ponytail or bun. You might think your hair is in the awkwardly long phase, but this is actually the ideal time to start putting your hair up in a ponytail. A clean, fresh look, a ponytail with short hair will never fade out of style.

Ponytail for short hair
@nylonhairartists / Instagram

8. Ponytail for thick curly hair

For an easy, low-maintenance look, a ponytail is a great option for men thick hair. This is a great style choice for any occasion and is simple enough to style yourself.

Ponytail for afro hair
@hairstylebeardd / Instagram

9. Long undercut with ponytail

That undercut hairstyle continues to be a top desired hairstyle. One of the good things about the undercut is that it can be interpreted in many different ways. A ponytail undercut is perfect for those who want to keep their hair long but still maintain a more polished, modern look.

Ponytail for men
@longhairstylemen / Instagram

10. Ponytail with Dreads

Dreadlocks is always in style. A great way to keep them out of your face is to put your dreads in a ponytail! A slight twist on a classic hairstyle, this one is easy enough to pull off in your bathroom.

Ponytail with dreads
@chrisdeloatchofficial / Instagram

11. Make a ponytail

Another classic ponytail hairstyle for men is the low ponytail. It’s easy to throw your hair up in a ponytail right at the nape of your neck. This look requires minimal effort, to enhance the ponytail, add some sea ​​salt spray or men’s mousse to give your hair some texture and volume.

Low ponytail
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12. Small ponytail

Don’t have super long hair yet? No problem. You can still rock a ponytail with short hair. . Simply gather as much loose hair as possible into a hair tie, don’t worry if you can’t gather it all, and voila, you have a little ponytail. The height of the ponytail will depend on how long your hair is or how much you want to gather.

Small ponytail
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13. Ponytail for thick hair

Thick hair can be both a blessing and a curse. Depending on how thick your hair is, it can be difficult to put your hair in a ponytail that really gets all the hair out of your face. Because of this, you may want to choose one version of a ponytail for men: the man bun.

Ponytail for thick hair
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14. Half Man Bun Ponytail

The man bun is versatile and flattering for everyone. To change up the classic bun, try the half man bun ponytail. To achieve this look, gather half of your hair at the top of your ears and put it in a bun so that the bottom half of your hair is down. The half bun ponytail is perfect for casual events, but it can also really elevate your look for more formal events, just make sure you brush your hair first.

Half Man Bun Ponytail
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15. Ponytail with Bandana

Sometimes putting your hair in a ponytail isn’t enough to keep all the hair out of your face. Enter the bandana. It’s the best accessory to make sure every strand of hair is out of your face. Perfect for playing sports or for a day out Beach.

Ponytail with Bandana
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16. Box Lock Men’s Ponytail

Box braids are a standout look for men with a strong sense of style. Amp up this look by taking the longer strands of braids and pulling them into a ponytail. It’s a timeless look, just make sure you get a hair elastic that’s strong enough.

Box Lock men's ponytail
@boxbraidsmens / Instagram

17. Textured Ponytail

When you’re going for a messy, unkempt ponytail, a textured ponytail is the way to go. This look is a more interesting and unique take on the classic ponytail, easily achieved with a light pomade. Time to embrace this mess.

Textured ponytail
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18. Half braided ponytail

Incorporating braids into your ponytail is a great hairstyle for men with long hair, it’s easy to make it your own with small braids incorporated throughout your hair. This one may take a little more work and it would be helpful to have someone help you. Alternatively, try gathering the top section of your hair and braiding it so that the hair below the ears is down.

Ponytail for men
@longhairstylemen / Instagram

19. Loose Braided Ponytail

Even if you don’t know how to braid your own hair very well, you can still rock the loose braid. This look is great for the beach, hiking, or anything else outdoor activity. When your friends see your loose braided ponytail, they’ll ask you to teach them how to braid hair.

Loose braid ponytail
@longhairstylemen / Instagram

20. Men’s ponytail with shaved sides

A modern twist on a classic look, a ponytail with shaved sides is a great hairstyle option for men with long hair who are worried about overheating with a lot of hair. This men’s ponytail will make heads turn.

Men's ponytail with shaved sides
@ringowong22 / Instagram

21. Face Framing Ponytail

While it may be important for you to keep your long hair away from your face, pulling a few strands out of the ponytail to frame your face will help define your features further.

Face framing ponytail
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22. Beach ponytail

What better place to throw your hair up in a ponytail than on the beach? Not only does it look good, but it’s practical. If you’ve been swimming in the ocean, the last thing you want is messy saltwater hair on your face all day. An unkempt ponytail should definitely be your go-to hairstyle for a beach day.

Beach ponytail
@cyril_aqualion / Instagram

23. Half ponytail with beard

To avoid looking like a wild animal, make sure to keep your beard neat and tidy trim by shaving, at least weekly. A good way to highlight your facial hair is with a long hairstyle like the half ponytail.

Half ponytail with beard
@tiptopgents / Instagram

24. Ponytail for straight hair

While straight hair may not look as voluminous in a ponytail as more curly hair, it’s still a great ponytail hairstyle for men, and still just as good at keeping hair out of your face.

Ponytail for straight hair
@shinebrightlikeasimon / Instagram

25. Bubble Ponytail

Do you have a few extra hair bands lying around? Tie them around your long ponytail to create the bouncy ponytail hairstyle. Simply put your hair in a ponytail as usual and tie another hair band a few centimeters below the first one. Continue these steps until you reach the end of your hair.

Bubble ponytail
@shaun_rez / Instagram

26. Top Knot Ponytail

Samurai or top knot ponytail is a Japanese hairstyle worn by men. Traditionally, this hairstyle was worn by Japanese warriors to keep their helmets in place. Today, the Samurai ponytail has been transformed into a more modern look for those who want to embrace their inner warrior.

Samurai ponytail
@longhairstylemen / Instagram

27. Ponytail with high fade

Do you want to spice up your traditional dish? A ponytail with a high fade (fade ends above the temples) is a unique version of a men’s ponytail. Both sleek and messy, it’s definitely a great option if you have long hair.

Ponytail with fading temples
@miguethebarber / Instagram

28. Ponytail for receding hairline

Those with one receding hairline can also show a ponytail for men! A receding hairline men’s ponytail is a great way to show off your long locks, best worn low on the head.

http ponytail for receding hairline
@hestehale.men / Instagram

29. Messy ponytail

The messy style looks good on everyone; it can really be used for any occasion. Whether you want to dress up a more formal look or go casual for the day, throwing your hair up in a messy ponytail looks cool and effortless, so achieve the look by tossing your hair up quickly without looking in a mirror.

Messy ponytail
@lanedorsey / Instagram

30. Preppy Ponytail

If you want a more delicious hairstyle for your long hair, you can definitely choose it preppy ponytail. This style is great for work day, an interview or even a wedding.

Preppy ponytail
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Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Ponytails:

What is a men’s ponytail called?

A men’s ponytail is simply called that: a men’s ponytail. Other terms used can be a man pony, a man pony or a man bun.

How long does it take to get a ponytail?

Hair growth is different for everyone and depends on your individual hair health. It typically takes about 12-15 months for the average person to grow their hair long enough to put in a ponytail.

How to tie a ponytail for men

To tie a men’s ponytail, all you need is a sturdy hair tie, which you can find at most grocery and convenience stores. Begin with the hair band on your dominant wrist. Gather your hair into a ponytail in the desired position. Pull the tie to the side and pull the hair through. With the tie around your fingers, twist it and pull to the other side and pull the hair through again. Repeat these steps until the hair band is tight around the ponytail.

How to do a half ponytail for men

To style a half ponytail, do the same as you would for a normal ponytail, but leave half of your hair out of it. Divide your hair into two sections: the top section will be the ponytail, and the bottom section will be what is left out of the ponytail.

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