Marc Jacobs does not need noise to make a statement

For years, Marc Jacobs had established himself as a showman of New York Fashion Week, stages extensive runway shows where the sets are as intricate as the clothes. A season would be there a post-apocalyptic beach; then, a large, pink house; Next, he might take you one night to the theater.

And while it was great for creating excitement and fascination from the fashion community, these dramatic fluctuations were not so helpful in establishing a foothold in the retail market. The business on the brand was shocking – the week after Donald Trump was sworn in in 2017, LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault something infamous said on a call that he was “more concerned about Marc Jacobs than the US president” – and demanded a serious reconsideration, a process described in a recent report by Lauren Sherman for Business of fashion. Out went over-the-top set, though the collections remained tightly packedthat staging dramatically.

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